Shoot. Forgot to buy celery.

Guess I’ll be making a trip to Loblaw’s today to get a bunch.

I’m going to stuff the goose with a bunch of things, some traditional, and some that aren’t so traditional.

I went out with the gang from work on Friday night for a few beers (pinot grigio in my case). Wayne, one of my coworkers, makes a stuffing for turkey that has as some of its ingredients dried cranberries and cashews soaked in Courvoisier for two days. Sounds good to me! Except I decided I’ll be using some canned chestnuts instead of cashews, and I didn’t want to buy a huge bottle of Courvoisier, so I bought some Grand Marnier instead. Since yesterday, the dried cranberries have been soaking up the liqueur: the smell is wonderful.

Other stuffing ingredients are some 2-day old baguette, fresh thyme and sage, an egg, onion, shallots, pepper & salt. Oh. And the celery I forgot to buy yesterday. Am also contemplating adding some Seville orange slices.

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