Can I resist?

Thanksgiving weekend is coming, up here in The Great White North.For about a year, I’ve been predicting that, over time, goose is going to replace turkey in a lot of homes for holiday feasts.

Why do I think this?

  • They haven’t been overbred to produce birds that can’t even stand up at maturity.
  • Return to older, heirloom foods is going to, at some point, focus on older breeds of birds. The turkey was once a vigorous flying bird. Alas, its export to Europe and then return to North America may have given it a bigger whiter breast, but sure didn’t improve its flavour.
  • Epicureans are rediscovering animal fats — especially organic, grass fed animal fats (much higher in the Omega 3s that you want).
  • Smaller families means we don’t need as much meat as on these monster turkeys. A goose (or for a couple, a duck) will do it.
  • Dark meat. ‘nuf said.

So, I hanker for a goose (don’t think like that!).

I was late to the market today, and took a quick look around my fave meat vendor’s stall, Witteveen’s Meats — alas, no goose. I know that there was frozen goose at one or two of the others — I was hoping to buy fresh. I may have to go there at lunch tomorrow to check out the other vendors (DeLisio, Whitehouse, and La Boucherie).

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