Hunting the cassoulet

So many variations!It’s strange: some recipes are standard. Everyone knows them, knows the ingredients, knows the unchanging way to prepare them.Do a search on cassoulet recipes, and discover quite the opposite!It is definitely a Proven├žal meal over which writers wax poetic.I decided to test-drive a cassoulet recipe before doing it for company. I settled upon a fairly simple version, cut it in half, and, once it was mostly cooking (still have to add the sausages, which are browning in the oven, and the confit of duck legs in an hour) I started browsing other recipes.A mistake, perhaps?Doubts assail me.Oh no — I used a bouquet garni and this recipe calls for fresh thyme! And this one over here — it calls for more than twice as much garlic! Did I use enough salt? Pepper? I looked up the ingredients of Toulouse sausage, and it seems to be pretty standard breakfast sausages, so I used them. Was I wrong? Oh no! This recipe for Toulouse sausage has a lot more herbs! This recipe calls for goose fat, that one, olive oil.I have duck confit, and it’s hunting season, so I really should have used partridge! (I will when I do it for my friends).So I will cook, and taste, and then consider the variants and which way to take it next time, for my friends, on a blustery fall day.

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