8 lbs of green San Marzano tomatoes

It hasn’t been a good year for tomatoes: long, slow cool spring, lots of rain. Actually, wasn’t a good year for jalapenos, either. They just disappeared.

There just isn’t enough time for my heirloom San Marzano tomatoes to ripen before we get frost. I haven’t seen any turn red: I think they’ve been taken when they turn orange. It’s not the rodents, because they just eat things in situ, and the stem end of the tomato remains on the plant.So this weekend I decided it was time to harvest what is out there, and decide which ones I’m going to try to ripen indoors, and which ones I’ll turn into some green tomato recipe. I’ve got 8 lbs of them, so I have lots of room to experiment.My front garden didn’t develop many weeds this summer: the 4 tomato plants pretty much overran the garden. Pulling the plants out today has left my garden much emptier! I still have a few rosebuds that may bloom.Anybody have a favorite recipe for green paste tomatoes?

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