More tomatoes!

Last week, I got about 7 lbs of tomatoes. About the same the week before. This week I harvested some that are not quite ripe as well as the ripe ones. 10 lbs worth!I’m freezing the paste tomatoes as they ripen, and I’ll make a big batch or two of tomato sauce one of these days (with lots of my basil in it).I’ve also got about 10 birdhouse gourds growing: let’s hope they continue to grow, and ripen before the garden gets closed for the winter.It’s been an exceedingly dry summer. I’ve been watering on a weekly basis, because there just hasn’t been any rain to talk about.It’s been fun having a garden plot, but I’m not likely to renew it for next year. I’ve got enough with my front and back gardens at home, and really want to devote some time to photography.

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