Another weekend, another trip to the allotment garden

Just a short trip this time; did some weeding using my awesome Lee Valley loop hoe (yippee… kill weeds without bending and squatting).

Also watered.

And I’m now looking at the sky (on what Environment Canada assures me is a full-sun day) and wondering if it’s going to rain.

One thing I did notice today that I hadn’t felt on earlier trips: mosquitoes! Must remember to wear mosquito repellant as well as sun block.

Which one does one apply first?

Or are there any non-paba 40+ sunblocks with mosquito repellant in them?

Today’s Toronto Star has an article about the increasing number of people who are growing their own veggies. For more details, see Urban Gardeners are Growing Local … the article is by Sonia Day, a gardening writer with a couple of books under her belt, Master Gardener, and artist.

Grow green! Eat local!

4 thoughts on “Another weekend, another trip to the allotment garden

  1. True, so true! But you can’t wait for rain that hasn’t been forecast… unless you want it to water dead plants 😀

    No, it wasn’t quite that dire, but I also have three gourd plants that I’m hoping will germinate from seed… no sign of them yesterday. And it’s so easy to kill seedlings, either by no water or overwater. We’ll see what happens.

    I might get around to trimming the sand cherry today (if it clears up). I bought telescoping pruners last weekend from Lee Valley so I can reach.

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