Tomatoes and basil

Withrow Park, a breezy walk from home, is starting an organic farmers’ market today. It will be held weekly throughout the summer.

I went first thing this morning (hmm… I thought they might open before the advertised time of 10am… nope).I could have made some purchases there that I made at the St. Lawrence market on Friday. There were beautiful bunches of basil, fresh local organic lettuce, and fresh local organic asparagus from Kerr Farms.I bought some rhubarb to stew up, and a spicy sundried tomato pesto made with hemp seed instead of pine nuts (it tasted good on a little piece of cornbread). Also got some organic green tea (can’t believe that was locally grown, somehow).There was lots of other produce, fresh bread from several sources, and fruit and veggie and herb plants, and some flowering annuals, too.I bought 4 different types of tomatoes, since I didn’t get seeds started this year:

and I got two basil plants. So this afternoon (after 3pm) I’ll grab a cab down to the spit with some tools, my plants, and some seeds, and get things in the ground.

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