It’s spring!

Finally.Last weekend, I got most of the gardens cleaned up. Still have one bed to do. Got the pond set up for the summer (and the birds flocked to it immediately).Looks like most things made it through the winter, although I may have lost a few roses. Or maybe they’re just slow waking up. I won’t give up on Scentimental, Angel Face, and Love yet.The elderberry and saskatoon berry shrubs look like they will burst into flower within a few weeks.Heucheras don’t look happy, but we’ll see.King Alfred daffodils are open, and I’ve got about another 6 species of daffs to come, plus the Estella Rijnveldt tulips I planted in the fall.Migratory birds are starting to pass through. This week, I’ve seen both golden-crowned and ruby-crowned kinglets, a song sparrow, white-throated sparrows, and the goldfinches have returned. The dark-eyed juncos haven’t left yet, although I’ve heard they’ve started arriving in Nova Scotia, so some of them have moved on to summer homes.I really have to get my seeds started for the allotment garden!

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