Venetian Still-Life #2

A variation on a theme.This weekend I want to find a globe on a stand in one of the antique/junk/collectibles shops in my neighbourhood. To take still-life pictures, you’ve gotta have props (some might call it junque, but beauty is in the eye of the photographer 😀 )I need to do some serious editing on this: the more I look at it, the more I realize that the gold on the mask and the mottled green of the background fabric are too similar with the lighting in this image. So I want to mask out all the objects, and darken the fabric.I can do that: I’ve done more intricate masking jobs for competitions over on Worth1000. It will just take a little time, that’s all. Time, and some good jazz music, and a glass of pinot grigio from the Venezia region, just to put me in the mood….pat.

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