Hey, hey: new camera.

New camera. 10+ Megapixel Rebel. Same lenses, but over 10 megapixels instead of just over six.Took over 50 photos this weekend, mostly of musical instruments and Venetian masks and glass. Still have to sort through them and figure out which I like and which I don’t. These images will be part of my new library/livingroom series of stil lifes (as opposed to the food images, which were kitchen/diningroom).Meantimes, here’s my new headshot. I photographed into a mirror, and then flipped the image. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be:First, check for your image to be reflected in the camera lens. Then, look at the aperture. I think. Difficult figuring that one out. Seems that it might be the midpoint that must be focussed on: i.e., the mirror. Must play around with this some more.

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