Getting things accomplished

Between Sunday and today, I

  • revised my price list, created a PDF of it, and linked it on my web page
  • created new gallery stickers for my canvases that will be showing at The Commissary
  • created a hanging diagram to show how the images should be hung
  • also ordered a sample of 10 mini-business-cards with photos on (thanks, Sandy!)

Now I’ve got to

  • create and print stickers to go on the backs of my postcards to get some eyeballs looking at the canvases
  • order more ink and a roll of canvas from Epson
  • get that darned CD for retailers finished
  • get some more publicity – try to get something in the cabbagetown-area weekly newspaper


  • finish writing and illustrating the seminar I will be giving to the Toronto Master Gardeners on Oct. 21st
  • print some of my floral images on canvas to take to TBG that day (I’ve got a table at which to sell my wares).

I’ve got under a month to do all the above.Oh — and write a cheque to the insurance company, now that they’ve dinged me an additional $345.60 for running a small business at home so they would give me exhibit insurance. I wish they’d get with the modern age and let me pay either directly from my bank account or via credit card.

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