On: beautiful light

Tonight, before sunset, the light outdoors was exquisite in the east end of Toronto.There was a clear sky to the west, where the sun was setting, and a bank of clouds arranged *just so* to the east. The light from the sun, setting in the west, bounced off the clouds in the east, and down to ground level.It illuminated everything the way we try to illuminate objects using gold reflectors.Sometimes, it just happens.Now it’s raining. Glad I captured a shot of the back garden in this wonderful reflected light.I was shooting toward the west: normally, that would mean that the plants would be in shadow. But because of the way the clouds reflected the light, there’s a warm cast and very few shadows.You can see that I had a slow shutter speed: the wind was already starting to pick up, and some branches and ferns were starting to move around in the breezes. But it’s pretty interesting light, considered that I was shooting into the direction of the sunset.

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