About "Exhibit insurance"

Wow.Tough one.First I called my home insurance brokers to see if they have Exhibit insurance. Well, blah, blah blah… first I have to get additional insurance on the house for running a small business, then I can get a rider to be moving some of the canvases off-premise and have them insured, but I also have to buy liability insurance (in case somebody gets hit by a falling canvas, i guess)… ca-ching, ca-ching. I told them I’d look into some companies that offer it separate from home insurance.I started out by calling Visual Arts Ontario, to see if they knew of any insurers who deal specifically with exhibit insurance. Seems they’ve had a go-around about it, too, and ended up doing a rider on their standard business insurance when they held an exhibition in their office.So next, I googled “exhibit insurance” and Toronto. Bingo! Found a company.Ummmph.I think they’re really not interested in small potatoes: more into corporate exhibitions. large things. things with lots of dollar value, lots of money behind them.Well, that’s not me… not yet :-DSo… back to the residential insurance. They fax me a form.I fill it out.I try to fax it back.Their fax machine (or ours: not sure which was at fault) isn’t working. Can’t get the fax out.Get it out the next business day.Wait two days.Call.Yes, they received the fax at the brokers, and have sent it on to the insurance company for approval.And so the waiting game continues.I’d like it to be short: I’ve got an exhibitor just waiting for me to have insurance to put things up in his restaurant!

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