Finished weeding!

Excuse my hand acting as a lens hood — one day I’ll buy a for-real one (shows, though, that the look through my SLR is smaller than the actual image shot. I was really careful to keep my hand out of the viewfinder’s frame).

So now that I’m done weeding, I’ve started an experiment. I’ve taken some soy beans that I bought for eating, and am testing if they’re viable for growing. I’m doing this by putting 7 beans between a glass and a cylinder of paper towel kept moist. If they sprout, I’ve got seeds that might grow. If I’ve got seeds that might grow, I’ll plant them in the rest of my plot, just to improve the nitrogen in the soil for next year.

I was finished by about 11am this morning: I’ve got an evening shot because I forgot to put the card back in my camera when I went out to the spit this morning!

Time for a glass of wine to celebrate.

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