One row of edamame planted

So here we are: it’s Sunday, and I spent a couple of hours weeding today, and got accomplished what I thought I’d get accomplished. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the Queen Anne’s Lace.Now you can see all the way back to the corner of my plot — and I measured today, and it’s 20 feet square.The raspberry canes are more obvious now — they’re not lost among the weeds. Not sure if I’ll keep them. They don’t look too healthy. Maybe they just need pruning or thinning. I’ll have to read up on them.The one wet row of soil is where I planted the edamame seeds — that was sooooo easy after doing all the weeding.I’m not sure if the hose at the back of my plot is mine or not — I’ll have towait until I meet that neighbour. It would save me from either (a) buying a hose or (b) dragging my watering can down with me, which is what I did today.So I’ll be back out there tomorrow, finishing things off, and maybe watering the soybeans. And I might yank up one jerusalem artichoke, just to see how they’re doing.

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