My own private bed of weeds.


Here are a couple of before shots. I’ve annotated one so you can get an idea of how many weeds there are. I think the garden plot measures 18 feet square.


And the romantic weed close-up (oooh, doncha love the lens flare)… there’s Jerusalem artichokes, which I may leave until after frost to harvest, Queen Anne’s lace, purple vetch, rudbeckia, plantain, and other assorted things that have to come out of the ground for me to plant some edamame.Thank goodness for my Garden Claw. That tool’s really doing the job for me. Although I probably looked strange biking over here, with big shears sticking out of my backpack and my Garden Claw balanced across my handlebars, I was able to get down here with the tools I needed under my own steam.


Here’s after two hours of weeding. Progress has been made, but I think I’ve got two more weeding sessions like this one ahead of me. By tomorrow noon I should be able to plant the edamame in this section (which will be larger, and be pushed back to the raspberry canes).


Then on Monday morning I’ll wear a long-sleeved shirt as well as my gloves to tackle the big Queen Anne’s Lace patch on the west side: the sap can cause photosensitivity, so it’s important to cover up when removing it.

Notice the garden off to the right (it’s fenced in). That’s one of my neighbours, obviously.


Here’s a better look at my neighbour’s xeriscape. Creative, inventive, and I suspect (but I’ll ask if/when I see them) low maintenance, now that it’s installed.

I’ve got to go around and take some pictures of the different types of garden here: it’s really everything, from herbs and vegetables to beautiful flower gardens of many different types.

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