Time to do some weeding!

I acquired (well, I’m renting) a garden plot in one of the community gardens in Toronto. I looked at it about a month ago , when I acquired it, and it’s got 5′ high weeds in it.

Since then, temperatures have been either intolerable, or the risk of thunderstorms has been great (and it’s a wide open space, near the Leslie St. Spit). So the weeds have continued to grow — I’ve probably ticked off all the neighbouring gardeners.This weekend I’m going to clear the weeds out, and try growing edamame. I know that it’s considered a spring planting item, and I’m running risks planting something with a 75 day maturity at this point in the summer… but, what the heck? If I fail, it’s $5 worth of seeds.If I succeed, I’ll be able to freeze lots of edamame for tasty snacks through the late fall and winter.I’ll take before and after pictures tomorrow!

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