A bit slow on the recount, here. Had to wait until I had permissions to republish.

If you want to get publicity, start sending out information about 6 months before you want to get something published. I sent out a flurry of press releases at the end of January/early February, and I’ve had an article (with a headshot) published now.

Warning: expect that what you say may be translated into something different in print.

What is the interest of the newspaper, magazine, or medium that you are trying to get published in? It’s important to figure that out. For this article, I knew that their primary interest is in people and events happening in east-end Toronto. So I filled out the information I gave them with other information about what my interests are in the community, and volunteer work that I do in my neck of the woods.

So here it is, reproduced verbatum, with permission of ETC… News:

East Toronto Artists

Beauty in the Gallery and in the Garden

by Linda Ward-Barnes

Pat Anderson, born in Halifax and raised in Montreal, moved to Toronto in 1987 after her graduation from Waterloo University. She and her husband moved to the Leslieville neighbourhood in 1997. It was a time when real estate prices were still in the affordable range. Pat and her husband appreciate the creativity and variety of small businesses in the area.

Researching the history of their home uncovered the fact that it was built on land that was part of George Leslie and Sons Nursery, the largest garden nursery in the British Empire (according to George she states). Given that information it is not surprising to know that gardening holds a special place in her life. As a Master Gardener ( she has completed her apprenticeships and courses and hopes to do more public speaking to local groups. In the past she has presented to the Maple Cottage garden Club. The topic at that time was planting native species for winter interest. (largely attracting birds). Pat is preparing to make another trip to the archives to complete a chart she is preparing about the Leslieville area. (

Pat’s artistic interests focus mainly photographs and prints on canvas, which she gallery mounts onto artist’s stretchers and varnishes. Many of her compositions are based on items she owns. Pat also enjoys garden and flower photography. She often takes pictures at the Rosetta McCain gardens and the Scarboro Guild, as well as parks and ravines. A trip to Provence and Italy last spring resulted in the production of some window and door images.

Pat’s primary career is managing software documentation projects and documenting 3D design software.

Pat shoots her photos with a digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera and uses Photoshop to correct or modify the photos later. Pat enjoys still life images. Some of her work was exhibited at Barrio (Queen St. eatery) in February. Most of those photos were food items, which she says is part of her kitchen and dining room’s decorative artwork. To see some of her work you can check out Pat is currently working on a series known conceptually as “living room and library pictures” photographing items such as sheet music, instruments, books, globe etc.

Pat and her husband have restored the gardens both at the back and in the front of their home. From bricks and asphalt to a sanctuary with flowing water and native berry species (elderberry, Saskatoon berry). Having recently purchased a book that documents the catalogue of the Toronto Nursery during the 1820s she is figuring out what wonderful early Victorian plants she can add to her garden. According to Pat, there were 70 different types of apple trees available back then, probably 10 times what is available now. Pat’s wonderful contribution to both the garden and the gallery certainly makes her an artist.

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