Having a good week

I was off in Santa Rosa, California this week for a leadership course. While I was away, my photography business continued to percolate! My husband was home, so when a phone call came in to display some of my photos in the Leslieville Cheese & Fine Foods shop that was opening on Saturday, he got right on it, and picked out seven pictures for the place.

I went in on Saturday and put up stickers with identifying info, email addy, and price. We’ll see what comes of it.And on Sunday, ETC (East Toronto Community) News was delivered to my door, with a full-page article and headshot about yours truly and her artwork (and gardening, and dayjob).So, sometimes it takes a while for things to happen. All of this got set in motion in February, when I was showing my pictures at Barrio. That’s where Lori saw them, and that’s when I initially contacted ETC news.Summary? Work six months in advance!Cheers!

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