Back after a week: most roses in full bloom

My gardens look lovely — except for all the cotton from the local cottonwood tree! Most of my roses are in full bloom now: Angel Face has only opened one blossom, though, and Hans Christian Andersen (in the back yard) has lots of buds but no blooms.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, Ingrid Bergman is showing large beautiful roses; Lily Marlene is starting to open up; one magnificent Chicago Peace bloom is finishing; the Flame patio rose has a few flowers and many buds. Also, the astilbe is starting to get its white blossoms, and the foxgloves are in full glory. Gawd, it’s a beautiful season. The deep red clematis in the front is also in bloom.In the back, Abraham Darby and Brother Caedfile (both David Austin roses) are in lovely bloom and smelling beautiful; Scentimental has a half-dozen open flowers, too. Just waiting on Hans Christian.The elderberry is threatening to take over: one young green branch was broken over, however, so I’ve pruned it. May have to do a bit more pruning. It seems very happy in the backyard, and its pale green leaves contrast nicely with the sand cherry.The buddleia and Saskatoon berry are doing well, too.Just gotta get out there and trim back the last of the daffodil leaves, and uproot the darned goutweed that’s still sprouting out of nowhere.That’s it from this hot small garden for today!

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