Where did spring go?

Got my seeds , books, and compost activator and neem oil, but where the heck did spring go?

It’s been around freezing mark every day… every night, it’s been below -5C.Oh well. That’s early spring in southern Ontario for you: Gets you all relaxed and happy, then *SLAP*s you across the face with icy winds.I’m going to go buy some peat pots and vermiculite and sterile potting mix this weekend anyway, and start my tomato, asparagus peas, and okra. And then pray that I get my allotment garden, because they’re not giving away any secrets at city hall about my chances of getting one.From Highrise to Haystack was a fun read. I think the author’s self-publishing the book. It’s available through Vesey’s website, under books. If you’re thinking of pleasant bucolic autumn afternoons away from the rat race, read her book.

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