Not much to do in the garden but admire it.Well, some weeding, some watering, some deadheading, I suppose.Here are some of the flowers and green things growing.Brother Cadfael rose. A David Austin, and one of my favorites. Big pink scented blossoms, and we’ve got it trained as a climber. It is one one side of an arbour we have in the garden; the other side, a couple of different clematis.In the southmost border, against the north side of a fence, I’ve got a shade garden with Astilbe, bleeding heart, foxgloves, and a number of ferns. This is the Japanese painted fern. Quite blue, with a thin thread of red down the spine.More flowers. I need to go check the label on this one! It was hiding underneath the delphiniums until I cut them back. Solomon’s Seal?My favorite new rose. Scentimental. Not as big a fragrance as I had hoped, but the roses are pretty.This is the new growth on the Elder I planted in June. Nice, pale yellow leaves, contrasts well with the Sandcherry.And here’s an interesting bug I saw on my basil. Don’t know who it is yet, but I’ll find out.

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