Home again

Just back home from 3 weeks travelling in France and Italy. I was too early in Provence for the lavender (guess I’ll have to go back there!) but the wild poppies were in bloom, and the air was fragrant with broom and its forsythia-colored flowers.

Back on the home front, all the spring bulbs finished while I was away: I completely missed the alliums. Pansies growing in the two urns by the front steps had enough time to get long and leggy, and the irises (both bearded and Siberian) — which I also missed their blooms — needed a haircut.

About the weeds: ugh. 3 weeks is enough time for weeds to go from “not there” to “taking over the garden.” Spent many hours weeding yesterday, and got about half done.Went to Humber Nurseries today to get some more plants. I gave away my Othello rose, Annabelle Hydrangea, and Weigela early in the spring: they just weren’t flowering in the back yard. Picked up a Sutherland Golden Cutleaf Elder (beautiful pale chartreuse leaves, flowers in the summer, and has berries in the fall) and — I couldn’t resist it: a Scentimental rose. We’ll see if it flowers.

Also got some vinca, hedera helix ivy, chartreuse sweet potato vines, and petunias, and repotted the two urns. Moved the leggy pansies into the front rose garden bed, and after they get established, I’ll cut them back.

Oh — the seeds I planted for the annual plant sale grew. I had no problems with damping off this time. I grew the seeds in peat pots with a sterile mix. Although some of them were a bit leggy due to less-than-optimal light, I was able to get about 50 plants to the sale.

Happy gardening!

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