Put to bed

Today was another warm day, but overcast. I used the weather to get all the leaves up from the other two flower beds in the back yard, put mulch down on them, and raked all the leaves up into two piles (Ash will bag them — or rent a weed whacker and chop them to bite-sized bits so they’ll decompose nicely in our little composter).

Although it is certainly the end of the growing season, some of my herbs are still doing well — notably the oregano, chives, purple sage, parsley (can anything kill parsley?) and bloody dock, which I must confess, I haven’t actually used, but just enjoy for its colors.

The lavender looks well and truly done for the year, though. I trimmed it back. And the marjoram looks like it gave up the ghost. I never did see much of the two basils I planted this year… I may have been a bit early.Well, on to dream of next year’s gardens. I’ve been researching some larger molded ponds: I’ve found a manufacturer who creates one in a size and shape I like, but it’s located in England. I hope they have an Ontario-based retailer.

I’ve started on a vector-based drawing (which will probably end up in Flash) to design the back yard. I’ll post a link when it’s at a stage where it makes sense.

Oh yeah — Sympatico messed up, forgot (!) to send me a modem, so I’m on dial-up for at least another 3 days. Sigh.

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