Oh, I should have planted today

It was a beautiful morning, and even though it was heavily overcast this afternoon, I believe the temperature remained above 10C.

I should have taken the day off work.

I’ve shut my computer off, and am blogging on my Palm. Heavy thunderstorms are passing through right now… I’m seeing almost constant flashes in my peripheral vision, and hearing crashes (and sometimes, very heavy downpours).

At some point overnight, the wind will shift until it’s coming from the north, wind speed will pick up to about 60kmh with gusts much higher, and the temperature will drop.

Tomorrow night, it will be around freezing, and… the possibility of snow flurries.

And my bulbs aren’t in the ground yet.

Weather, and change of seasons, truly does inform the Canadian psyche. Where would we be without it?

All I can say is, the power better not fail while West Wing is on tonight.

OK, the storm is over; I can upload from my Palm and then from my Mac.

Good night!

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