That’s chilly

Short one today. Went down to about -3 last night.

It’s 4 degrees out right now, and it feels cold.

I inspected the backyard to see how my transplants are faring. All of the columbines look in good shape (heck, they look like they’re enjoying the weather), and the buddleia is healthy. One of the delphiniums is still green; the other two have blackened leaves. I should have checked yesterday, before the cold weather. I don’t know if they’ve got transplant shock or just frostbite.

An inspection of the front garden reveals not too much change from yesterday, except the lovely lavender-colored Japanese anemone flowers have turned beige from the cold, and the zinnias are all black.

Now I have to find out if it’s too late to rescue the zinnias.

Still hoping to plant bulbs tomorrow. We’ll see what the weather brings.

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