Last warm day of autumn

The temperature first thing this morning was 16C… And it’s.supposed to drop down to about 3 tonight.

Possibility of snow flurries tomorrow and Friday. Ugh!

I think I’m going to have to put the bulbs in the ground this weekend.

I bought a nice bulb planter from Humber Nurseries… Instead of my current bulb planter (squat-dig-plant-stand-move…repeat 120 times) I’ll be able to use it like a spade. That should save some back-and-thigh ache.

Last weekend I took a few digital shots from the roof at the back of the house. I’m going to correct the perspective on the best one and convert it to a drawing to use to develop a plan for what to plant where.

At this point, pretty much anything I’ve bought in the way of bulbs can go anywhere, except for the purple alliums, which will be interplanted with the Japanese anemones.

On to designing!

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