It’s getting colder.

Autumn blahs

Ugh. I sure hope it warms up a bit. Today’s high is 10C. The temperature at night has been dropping to around 5C. No frost yet, fortunately, but it doesn’t feel like it’s far off.

Ash chose to bring the fish indoors last weekend (our little ponds aren’t deep enough for them to survive outdoors over the winter). So we now have 6 goldfish, some reeds, and a papyrus plant in a tub upstairs until (probably) late April.

I bought some spring bulbs last weekend: Alliums, as promised, and many different types of daffodils.No tulips — I didn’t see any that really appealed to me. I think I was in more of a daffy mind set.

The weather is supposed to improve throughout this week, and be very nice by Thursday. I might take a couple of days off to finish the gardening tasks for the year… remove the rest of the lamium (yes, I finally bought some gardening gloves so I don’t have to worry about the ants), move the delphiniums, uproot the periwinkle, divide the columbines and take a couple in to work.

Tuesday night there’s a Toronto Master Gardeners’ meeting. I think I’ll get Ash to drive me there.

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