The cheque’s in the mail

I’ve committed myself now: payment is in the mail for three horticulture courses at the University of Guelph. I’m looking forward to this — it should be a great deal of fun.

The weather has taken a decidedly autumnal turn this week. Rain (about twice as much as we got from Isabel) and cooler temperatures. I haven’t tackled the rest of the lamium, yet. I’ve just sat out back and looked sullenly at it. I keep forgetting to buy garden gloves at lunchtime. Web searching has turned up some very toxic ways to get rid of fire ants. Ugh. What else might I poison by accident? I think I might just try stirring them up on a daily basis until they leave.

The tuberose flowers keep opening. Here’s another photo of it.

Not much else to report. It’s getting dark before 7pm, which really doesn’t leave much time for gardening in the evening.I ordered spring bulbs for the rooftop garden at work; if I remember to bring the catalogue home, I’ll order some for here, too. One big difference between the office garden and here: the office garden doesn’t usually get squirrels chomping crocus heads off. I’m tempted to get some lovely globular tall alliums to plant in with the Japanese anemones, since those don’t even start growing seriously until late July. A row of upright, tall, soldierly flowers will look pleasing at the back of the garden. And deep purple will contrast nicely with the green and white of the porch.

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