Intimations of things to come

I made the little fence for the Japanese anemones yesterday. I didn’t verdigris it after all — I read the instructions and cautions on the bottle of the verdigris solution, and wondered what the heck I was thinking when I bought it. Toxic! Watch out for splashes! Warning! I decided not to use a toxic solution to green the metal, since rain would wash the remnants of the solution into the soil, and possibly into the goldfish pond.

I brushed about a cup of vinegar on it to get it started — nature will have to do the rest.

Didn’t spend too much time outside today; had some indoor chores that needed to be done (like modifying and putting up a fireplace mantlepiece).

I did go out and inspect things, however; and the tuberose is getting very close to opening its buds. I smelled it — Ash smelled it. We agreed. It smelled, even in its bud state, like the gardenia we used to have.

It was a wonderful little gardenia — we brought it indoors every winter, took it out again in late spring. Not winter hardy way up here, of course. It had very nicely glossy leaves, and white flowers, about the size of a toonie, that could provide fragrance for the whole back deck on a muggy summer night. Something made it unhappy last winter, and it died back from its roots on up. I’ll have to see if I can get another one to replace it. We had it for about five years.Well, time to do some research for fall bulbs, and to find out how to treat the tuberose over winter!

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